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3/14/05 03:19 pm

Away from my team, and on a covert mission to blend into the non-ninjas.

One identifies herself as my "mother." I know she is a spy, but for who I do not know. I do know that she is the embodiment of EVIL!!!!!

I miss my team and even certain Leaf Village ninjas. I miss HAUT EYEBROW ACTION!

1/26/05 12:15 pm - Stoopid peeplez

Stoopid non-ninjas try to critque my 3D projects. Gaara, I commission you to keel them.

So why doesn't that cute Saske kid ever look and/or write about me anymore? Is Gaara rubbing off on me?

*sreams in angst*

1/24/05 02:30 am - another day

Woot for gambling. I love ripping people.

There's this kid with crazy black hair that defies the laws of natural physics, and I think he's headband's on upside-down. He seems anal-retentive.

I saw a fat pigeon today, and Lee was trying to help it fly.

1/23/05 05:22 pm - First ever

It's 5:24 pm, and I haven't done anything. Whoo-hoo. Sakura (roommate) is haveing a breakdown because Saske won't talk to her. Hi Gaara!!!
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